This Site is in Transition

As Viridian moves into 2015, we are excited about adding our local events to the national calendar. You may see events posted here, but no longer in calendar form.  Please check out’s calendar of events to see what is happening here in the greater Chicago area. You may also find local events posted on Facebook.  Your team leaders will  be contacting you via email with information on local events, team webinars and corporate webinars. Please be sure to have your correct email with corporate and your teams!

If you are planning on having an open event, please check out the protocol with your business partner or in your back office.  Please note: you must submit  at least 2 weeks before the event.

February 15, 2015Permalink

Hello team!

Welcome to Team Gen V’s new site. This is your Illinois Viridian resource for event happenings, current information, and networking with fellow Illinois Associates. 

We look foward to hearing from you.

Go green!